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Committed to continuous improvement and to never stop learning.

Currently looking for regular full time employment in the Bradenton/Sarasota Florida area. 35+ years' experience in manufacturing with skills in project management, Safety, Lean Manufacturing, Problem solving, 5S +1, continuous improvement and information technology.

Most of the items below are not listed on my resume, but hobby items and additional skills learned on my own.  Never stop learning.  Skilled labor isn't cheap, Cheap labor isn't skilled.

  • 5/25/2020 Now selling Mask straps, email to order. Save your ears, clip the elastic band to the mask strap. Avaliable colors, Black, Red, and White.  $2 each, 10 for $17, 20 for $30. 
    Mask Straps    
  • Tool and Die Maker, All around machinist, expert in manual machining with lathes, mills, and form grinding.  Please send me an email at nick4 at to request a copy of my resume and login credentials for more examples of my work and viewable certifications.
  • CBD Tinctures, now selling CBD Oil. Check out my website at Certified and tested. I guarantee better pricing than my competitors.
  • Licensed Drone Pilot, I am now able to take and sell aerial photography in the Bradenton/Sarasota Florida area. Sample photos coming soon.
  • Licensed Amateur Radio Operator (HAM) Technician class license, N1JQG.
  • Licensed CDL Class A Driver
  • Additive Manufacturer in home 3D printing, right now in PLA, coming soon ABS, rubber, and wood. Check out the photos here.
  • Webmaster Offering a full spectrum of customized services. Cloud options, online database services, Domain and webhosting with SSL. Several backup options for personal and small business. Let me analyze your current situation and I can offer you low cost options.
  • IT technical support Offering several computer services. A+ CompTIA certified and Microsoft Certified Professional, 35+ years pc experience with both hardware and various software applications.
  • Motorcycle Mechanic Currently rebuilding a 1986 Harley Davidson FXRS. 20 years ago did a full tear down and rebuild, check out the photos I took along the way, including my whiteboard to do list. Click Here
  • Real Estate Agent Not really, however I did sell my home without one. Prepped the house with fresh paint, removed all the clutter and personal items from the home, took lots of photos, built a website, listed on MLS (biggest asset) held an open house, and showed on my own. The website is still active at Click Here Please click through Google's phishing notice. I've written them to have that removed. Not sure why the cited this for phishing, but it is safe. I hadn't checked it in a while, just pay the fees....
  • Job Search Tools I was laid off after being in the same job for several years. Since many of the manufacturing jobs moved to either Mexico or China it was difficult to find employment. Once again out of work, I'm resurrecting the job search pages I created to find employment. Job Search and Job Search 3