3d Printing/Additive Manufacturing


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Not enough room on my desk for monitors, did this to lift one up.


Microwave stopped working.  Found broken latch (black component in photo 1).  Reversed engineered, printed (blue), and installed


3D printed lithographs, expanded on to create the box complete with LED lights and switch.


Hub cap cover. I could not find one to purchase so I reversed engineered the original to create a new.


AC Vent adapter 2/25/2020

February 2020 tired of the clutter of remotes, created a remote holder.


40/2020 A friend wanted to mount LED celing lights, 6 in diameter with a Port Hole frame.  I created a design specifically for their lights.  Consists of a base, hinged door for access to the lights and all the hardware, completely made from PLA plastic.  In the process of making a set of 5.  1/4-20 & 10-32 Threaded screws and nuts fully function. 3d modeling and video with Fusion360

5/2020 Mask straps, litterally have produced hundreds for friends and just anyone that wants them. 

Wire holder that clamps to the desk.  USB cord kept finding it's way to the floor

3/2020 Chum cutting block


4/2020 Bushing to attach 2 3in id pvc pipes.  Could not attach on the outside.  PVC glued together, ended up with a nice ring fit.